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  C - Chess

Here, in the Downloads Area - Archives-Area, you can
Download a Weekly PGN-File with 25-50 Analysed games,
and a
Montly File with all the Weekly
files in that Month (4 weekly files).
The files are compressed with WinZip.Download WinZip from
The row that colored in Bold
has in it the Monthly file.
C-CHESS Archives-Analysed
Includes Kasparov , Kramnik, Fischer, Anand, Shirov, Smirin
Tournaments like BGN, WCC-FIDE, Olimpiad,
Corus, US-Championship, US-Open, Correspondence.
To use this files you need a program
like the CHESSBD! Download it from

File Name Date Size & Details
CPGN-001.ZIP 27.11.00 0.010 MB US- In- Istambul
CPGN-002.ZIP 31.11.00 0.008 MB US- In- Istambul
CPGNM001.ZIP 31.11.00 0.12 MB Monthly
CPGN-003.ZIP 7.12.00 0.030 MB Kasparov-Kramnik
CPGN-004.ZIP 12.11.01 0.030 MB Olympiad-00
Not available yet 21.12.00 0.030 MB FIDE-WCC
Not available yet 28.12.00 0.030 MB FIDE-WCC
Not available yet 31.12.00 0.12 MB Monthly
Not available yet 7.12.00 0.030 MB FIDE
CPGN-008.ZIP 14.12.00 0.044 MB Corus

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