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Welcome to C-CHESS, a unique site for Chess-Fans.
C-CHESS is concetrating in chess-analysis
for free PC watch.
C-CHESS is special in quantity and quality
Chess-Annotateted games-files especially
in openings & middlegames, for chess-players.
every Week and every month, from recent tournaments
from USA & Europe.
C-CHESS Archives-Analysed
Includes Kasparov , Kramnik, Fischer, Anand, Shirov,
Tournaments like BGN, WCC-FIDE, Olimpiad,
Corus, US-Championship, US-Open, Correspondence.
C-CHESS is managed by FM-SM-MBA Lahav E.
(and conditined IM) with Chess-help of
GM Gofshtein L.

Download weekly the new Free ZIP
(compressed) Games Files Data-Bases
in a
PGN-TXT-Chess-Standard from the Downloads Area.

PGN Standard is a common Chess-TXT file. CHESSBD is
a Chess viewer for windows for PGN-chess-games or
ascii-txt Chess games.
Download it from the
Downloads Area.
CHESSBD is a shareware. If you find it useful, please

If you find the files in
C-CHESS very useful and
enjoing for you, write to us. In the near
future a subscriber could get much more files,
and some other utilities for a very small
amount of money or for Hitting Banners.
C-CHESS will be full with surprises and
rewards usually in more
Annotated Chess games.
Keep watching in yours Favorites and yours Links
C-CHESS site.



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